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Are You Thinking About Selling Your Home Without A Realtor?


You may want to think twice about it.  While you may feel that you will save a lot of money by selling without a Realtor, a professional Realtor may actually bring you more money for your home.  A Real Estate professional will:

  • Perform a current market analysis of your home so that you will know what the current homes in your area are selling for - this actually could get you a higher sales price.
  • Advertise your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), newspapers, magazines and on the internet.  Exposure, Exposure, Exposure !!
  • Show your home so you don't need to be there.  Most Sellers actually "hurt themselves" by showing their homes to prospective buyers, because not every Buyer will look at our "house" as their "home".  Many Sellers put too much pressure on their prospective Buyers and could scare them off.
  • Negotiate the sale price, escrow down payment, terms, warranties, etc., and will make sure the Buyers are prequalified to actually purchase a home.  The sales contract is a legally binding contract and should be taken seriously.  Get professional advise from your Realtor and/or an Attorney.
  • Work directly with the title company, lenders, inspectors, etc., so you have more free time to get ready to move.  If you need to move prior to closing, they will take care of the closing process for you.  When (if) there is a problem, they will handle it for you.  This is what they do for a living!
  • Meet with the Buyers prior to closing to perform the "walk through" and/or negotiate on your behalf any repairs or items of concern.

If you still want to sell your home without a Real Estate Professional, please contact us.

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